Speaker Panelist
Lt. Gen. Satish Dua

Lieutenant General Satish Dua, PVSM, UYSM, SM, VSM is the Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC). The Integrated Staff is responsible for synergizing capability development, perspective planning and jointness amongst services.A counter-terrorism specialist, General Dua has commanded his Unit as well as a Brigade in active militancy in Jammu & Kashmir in Line of Control /Counter Terrorism environment. As General Officer Commanding, he raised a new Division sized Counter Terrorism formation of Assam Rifles in the North East called Inspector General of Assam Rifles (IGAR-EAST) to coordinate operations in three states of North East. Lieutenant General Satish Dua was at the helm of affairs as Chinar Corps Commander in Kashmir during the tumultuous years of 2015-2016, when momentous operations were executed, defined largely by the surgical strikes and the huge unrest post elimination of Burhan Wani. The General was also a commando instructor as a Captain and Indian Defence Attaché in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as Colonel. He has also tenated important appointment dealing with both capital and revenue procurement of weapons & equipment. The General is also the Colonel of the JAK LI Regiment which has 100% troops from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The General is a keen sportsman, fond of riding and an adventure sports enthusiast to include sky diving, skiing, parachute jumping and mountain biking.

Sharath Kamal
Professional Indian table tennis player (Current World Rank: 35)

Achanta Sharath Kamal is a professional table tennis player from Tamil Nadu, India. He is the second Indian table tennis player to become 8 times national champion. His current world rank is 35, as of september, 2018. He has won the men's singles gold in the 16th Commonwealth table tennis championship held at Kuala Lumpur in 2004. He has won the US Open Table Tennis Men's championships held at Grand Rapids, Michigan in July 2010. He is winner of 4 gold, 2 bronze and a silver medal in Commonwealth games. He recently bagged bronze medal for India in the Asian games 2018. He is a recipient of the Arjuna award for the year 2004. He currently lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. He is also employed with the Indian Oil Corporation as an officer.

Divyanshu Damani
Social Media Influencer, Impact Entrepreneur, Public Speaker

Divyanshu Damani is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, public speaker, vlogger, traveler, scuba diver, skier, and a believer. He currently has a family of over 200K followers on social media and has inspired thousands of young people across the globe. He is a TEDx speaker and actively speaks at Josh Talks. He has done spoken at over 50 other speaking platforms. The Divyanshu Damani Show is a One-Of-a-Kind talk show hosted by Divyanshu Damani that aims to bring the stories of achievers and inspiring personalities from different fields and share it in a talk show format with the world.

Ashish Jaiswal
Author of international bestsellers "Fluid", "True Dummy" and "How to reform a business school".

Ashish Jaiswal is a writer and an internationally renowned expert on education. He is currently a fellow at the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, UK and the author of upcoming book Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries. Ashish has spoken around the world on the new age reforms required in our learning and thinking in the light of mega changes currently being witnessed in technology, markets and human behavior. Ashish is also the founder of iHER (India for Higher Education Reforms), a community platform with over 100,000 of students, educationists and policymakers with the aim to discuss transformative ideas on education. Ashish holds a PhD and a Master’s from the University of Oxford in the field of education.s

Prasun Chatterjee
Specialist and Assistant Professor of Geriatrics Departmeent, AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. Prasun Chatterjee is one of the very few qualified Geriatrician (specialization in elderly care medicine ) in India. He is currently faculty in AIIMS, New Delhi, Deptt. Of Geriatric Medicine. He has started N.G.O “Healthy Aging India” and is heading it to make it an NGO of International reputation. He is the founder of an intergenerational learning center at Noida Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya, where educated elderly are mentoring less privileged school children - a 1st of its kind initiative in India. He was given Best Paper Award in National conference in Kolkata 2009 for working on Frailty in elderly, awarded CSIR fellowship to work on Sarcopenia, awarded by Padma Shri Professor V S Natarajan for serving elderly in the community and also "Bharat Jyoti "Award 2018 for selfless service to the community.

Rinku Sawhney
Social Impact Entrepreneur, Culture Creator, CXO Coach, Transformation & Success Catalyst, Storyteller

Rinku is a Social Impact Entrepreneur, a Personal Excellence & Mind-shift Coach. She has co-founded Elevated Minds, which is a start-up committed to help people rise above mediocrity and become the masters of their own lives. Over 5000 people have experienced Rinku’s signature live events. Her work has enabled people to get clarity and identify roadblocks, that have held them back from achieving success. Rinku firmly believes that each and every human is unique and special and that we are all born to be successful. She is also the author of an upcoming book, “My Life; I Decide”. In her own small way, Rinku believes in impacting the world and leaving it a slightly better place.

Anika Pandey
Impact Investor, Social Entrepreneur, SRCC grad and ex Goldman

Anika is interested in almost everything where finance & technology can be used as a weapon to improve the agricultural landscape, improving the lives of farmers. She started her career in Finance at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2014. She currently focuses on investing in Ag-tech companies, through an early stage VC and incubator rolled into one, Villgro.

Neeti Leekha Chhabra
Founder & President of NGO Yes To Life; Faculty-HR & OB; Corporate Trainer; Motivational Speaker

Founder and president of an NGO ‘Yes to Life’, Neeti is working relentlessly towards spreading awareness for breast cancer and supporting those affected by it. The young breast cancer winner started the NGO in 2014 with an aim to contribute to lowering the mortality rate of those diagnosed with it. A professor by profession, she left her full-time dream job to pursue her inner calling. She now balances her time between Yes to Life and her career as a corporate trainer & professor. Also an author, she writes about life, positivity, and happiness. Neeti is a public speaker who doesn’t only talk about cancer awareness but also about stress management and happier lifestyles. She has delivered awareness sessions to diverse audiences at various places, including LinkedIn, IIM Indore.


Swami Prem Parivartan (aka Peepal Baba) is the founder trustee of the environmental movement Give Me Trees Trust. He has been planting trees for the last 41 years, since he was 11 years old. He is fondly called ‘Peepal Baba’ because he has devoted his entire life towards the planting and preservation of Peepal trees, facilitating the plantation of more than 10 million Peepal trees all across India. He is the founder of Give Me Trees Trust, which is one of the largest tree plantation and preservation movements in India. Give Me Trees Trust has planted more than 20 million trees all across India in the last 41 years.